Everything around me was apparently weird. With queering unusual thoughts and in a complete state of hesitation i entered the class room.It was my first day in school. That panorama was new to me. Class was already filled with the children of my age, all were staring at me.  I was feeling all alone and unknowingly my eyes gushed their anguish into tears and my voice crooned in such a horrible manner that my teacher came running and grabbed me in her arms. She mollified me and made my place beside a girl who was gazing at me in browbeat manner.

Onething about the girl irked me was her running nose. I didn’t concentrate on it anymore and placed my pencil box on bench. Without my intimation she took my pencil from the box . “its my pencil” i said. She dragged her eyebrow forming a ‘W’ on her forehead and pinched me hard on the thigh. It was unpredictable and i was not bold enough to complain about her. I remained calm and controlled my tears. Slowly placed my fingers on the place where i was pinched and could find a bump on it.

After that moment i didn’t dare to speak a word with anyone else and sat till my legs cramped and desperately waited for the long bell to ring.

Now i am 21 years old and still remember the girl and her painful pinch.