What is Motherhood? Besides a mother no one can describe it. For the first time when she comes to know that she is going to have a child , at that moment she resolute to be the best mother in this world.It is then Love embarks and day by day it thrives. That love is completely immaculate and pristine. She is afraid that her chafe may trouble her little one inside and try to avoid even a minute stress.

As days pass by the little one inside grows eventually nourishing on the food  she provides and the day comes when she feels little one inside her. She rejoice that moment, tears roll down her cheeks. That is when she feels her motherhood. That is an anomalous feel.

Finally the day comes. ‘The Day of Parturition’. It is almost like a day of resurrection for her. The pain she suffers to let her child enter this  world is incomparable to any other pain. She bears the pain all alone, strives hard and delivers her baby. A life comes into an existence.

She holds the child and embrace. Her eyes filled with tears. And that petty thing you find in her eyes is “ETERNAL LOVE”.

A child is Mother’s Insignia…..