You know dear what makes you special !!

You are the most beautiful flower in the garden of my life. You understand when i am too busy.And you know that what i mean about BUSY word.:) You bring sunshine into my life.You have always able to make me laugh and help me unwind.I can speak my heart out to you.You know how to emotionally blackmail me but you never succeed in that part..You point out when i look like an idiot.Going out with you never needs a reason or an occasion.We just go on and on till our shoes get disheveled.

I can freely discuss the topics which i cannot discuss with any one else. You are a true reflection of me. You have more faith in me than i do in myself.You never need a clarification because you know that my clarification will be nowhere related to the question you have asked for. You know how to give surprises and i love your handmade gifts than any valuable item in this world.I can be very comfortable with you.

You and I are the only elements that will ever hold together.

You are my nazil… No one can take your position in my heart you have made a cozy place in my heart. Thank you everything dear…

                                                                                                  Yours lovingly,