Longest Mountain Ranges

                    RANGE                                                                                            LOCATION

                 Andes                                                                         South America

                 Rocky Mountains                                                    North America

                HImalayas/Karakoram/Hundu kush                        Asia

                Great dividing range                                                 Australia

                 Trans Antarctic Mountain                                     Antarctica

                  Brazilian East cost range                                        Brazil

                  Sumatran/Javan range                                           Sumatra,Java

                   Tien Shan                                                                  China

                   Eastern Ghats                                                            India

                   Altai                                                                             Asia

Height of Luxury :

Europe’s highest mountain, Mont Blanc, also has Europe’s highest  toilets: in 2007 two WCs were carried by Helicopter to a height of 4,260 m during peak climbing season they are regularly emptied –  also by Helicopter.


This is The Cordillera del paine, Chile is part of the Andes, the world’s longest mountain range.